DCAF International Foundation Council Meeting to discuss IISG innovative approach

On Tuesday, 14 November 2017, The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control and Armed Forces (DCAF) headquarters will host the Foundation Council Meeting. The later will be attended by DCAF Council Members and their representatives from over 60 countries, and permanents observers.

During the meeting a thematic discussion on IISG will addressed this innovative initiative, and take stock of progress and remaining open issues in the implementation of the IISG in the Western Balkans, whereby the role and tasks of the DCAF‐hosted IISG Support Group are addressed. IISG Chair, Mr. Rajko Kozmelj will lead the presentation.

The Western Balkan experience, through which DCAF has obtained significant expertise on the complex architecture of regional cooperation and external policies, holds lessons that could inform future interventions by DCAF and other international actors.