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UNODC Newsletter Vol.24 Contributing to the WB IISG

UNODC released on 20th February its fourth and last newsletter in the region of South Eastern Europe for the year 2017.

The newsletter includes a very comprehensive collection of past UNODC events and activities in the period from October to December 2017 in the fields of terrorism prevention, anti-corruption, money-laundering, financing of terrorism and asset forfeiture, organized crime, human trafficking, drug demand reduction, and nonetheless the Global Container Control Programme (CCP).

Showcasing many of its most valuable events in the South Eastern European region, UNODC acknowledged the IISG approach by referring to the Consultations which took place in Brussels together with EU DG NEAR, CEPOL and GIZ, in October 2017, as their role of active IISG partner will soon involve concrete capacity building activities in the area of anti-money laundering and counter-financing of terrorism. Moreover, their mission visits to Serbia and Albania to strengthen cooperation in the field of organized crime within the WB IISG framework added value to their role as a partner in the WBCSCi.

An emphasis on their work to maximize inter-organizational cooperation with the aim to prevent duplication of efforts, support communication channels and encourage partnerships should also be placed, highlighting the Joint Action Plan (2018-2020) between UNODC and OSCE. As it is one of the IISG aims to create synergies, prevent duplication, and identify gaps by aligning objectives toward shared priorities for sustainable solutions.

For the newsletter please visit the UNODC website here.