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Final Draft WBCTi/WBCSCi/WBBSi iPA 2018-2020

Wednesday, 5th March, the IISG Support Group shared with IISG partners, beneficiaries and interested actors the final draft of the WBCTi/ WBCSCi/ WBBSi integrative Plan of Action 2018-2020, which will enter into the IISG Board procedure of discussion in view of the upcoming foreseen endorsement on part of the Western Balkan ministers and IISG partners at the 2nd IISG Board Meeting, to be held on 16th March, at Brdo pri Kranju, under the auspices of the Brdo Process.

The final WBCTi/ WBCSCi/ WBBSi iPA 2018-2020 draft includes all collected comments and suggestions by IISG partners and beneficiaries, received by prior set up deadlines to the IISG Support Group.

The aim of the three living documents is to provide guidance to IISG in the upcoming 3-year period, in line with the IISG Terms of Reference. Each iPA 2018-2020 for the three IISG pillars will be continually edited and updated (available on the IISG website after 2nd IISG Board Meeting), in order to include all relevant partners activities, and strive for the main IISG goals.

You can download the final drafts here: