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New EU RAN CoE documents translated in RS, BH and SI language

We are adding a new batch of documents issued by the EU RAN CoE and their experts, now translated into RS, BH and SI language. The translations are a contribution of the EU-supported Project “First Line”. They offer an insight into several relevant aspects of the RAN CoE policies and include a useful leaflet on RAN CoE. We invite our partners to use them in awareness-raising as they deem appropriate. The documents are:

  • an ex-post paper, entitled “The refugee and migrant crisis: new pressing challenges for CVE policies“, translated in Bosnian, Serbian and Slovenian language,
  • a paper entitled “Manifesto for Education – Empowering Educators and Schools“, translated in Bosnian and Serbian language, and
  • a leaflet of the Radicalisation Awareness Network, translated in Bosnian and Serbian language.