Border Security and Management Seminar

This Seminar purpose is to support the implementation of the Border Security and Management Concept of the OSCE Participating States in South-Eastern Europe. And is a continuation of the border security and management event series organized by RACVIAC, in cooperation with DCAF Office Ljubljana, and the OSCE Border Security and Management Unit.

Its aims are:

  1. To continue addressing the challenges in border security and management;
  2. To identify current and future challenges;
  3. To support the implementation of the Border Security and Management Concept of the OSCE Participating States and other international and regional initiatives.

For more information please visit the RACVIAC website here.

Regional Support of Protection Sensitive Migration Management in the Western Balkans and Turkey Project

January 2016 the European Commission launched a three-year regional programme “Regional Support to Protection-Sensitive Migration Management in the Western Balkan and Turkey” with IPA II funding.
As beneficiary of the programme in subject, MARRI RC in partnership with International Organization for Migration (IOM) as implementing partner of European Commission, is actively participating in following project activities aimed at strengthening MARRI’s role in the regional migration management.
The interpretation platform would facilitate the encounters of the migrants with authorities and service providers in occasions where official procedures are not required, available at border crossing points, in reception/asylum and admission centers, in social and health protection facilities, and throughout referral networks and operating procedures. It would be complementary to the existing interpretation procedures, providing a wider coverage for interpretation but it will not be in any way an alternative to the existing mechanisms.
For more information about the Project please visit the MARRI website.

EU Supports Serbia to Improve Border Management in the Context of the Migration Crisis

The EU provides assistance to Republic of Serbia and Serbian Ministry of Interior to improve its border and migration management capabilities at the border with Bulgaria. It is funded by the EU with EUR 1 million and implemented by UN agency for Migration – International Organization for Migration (IOM).The aim is to support Serbian border and migration management capabilities. This includes improved border surveillance and the combating and prevention of migrant smuggling, human trafficking, and cross-border crime, in full respect of the rule of law and fundamental rights.

For more information about this project please visit the IOM Serbia website here.