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Head of IISG Support Group participated at the SEPCA General Assembly in Moldova

On 6 June 2019, the South East Europe Police Chiefs Association (SEPCA) General Assembly under the Moldovan Presidency was held in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

The SEPCA Assembly discussed the number of issues related to ongoing and future activities. It was agreed that of the utmost importance is to work jointly on setting their crime priorities and strengthen their efforts to start producing the comprehensive threat assessments.

It was unanimously agreed by the SEPCA member states that the presented working model of Threat Assessment report on the ‘illicit drug trafficking’ is largely in line with EUROPOL SOCTA methodology and that competent national authorities, through the network of criminal analysts secure quality data for completion of this report.

Additionally, it was unanimously agreed that the SEPCA Threat Assessment report for 2017-2018 should be finalised and presented by the Second General Assembly in December 2019.

SEPCA members also agreed to launch the activities aiming to develop a first police strategy for the SEPCA region as the first policy document of the Association, relying on the joint Threat Assessment report and other external reports concerning SEPCA countries.
The SEPCA member states reiterated their readiness and commitment for partnership with the IISG Support Group under the IISG coordination process.

Considering future partnership proposals, it was recommended to take concrete measures towards the partnership between the SEPCA and the PCC SEE Secretariat by the second General Assembly in December 2019.
The Assembly was attended also by representatives from the EUROPOL, Austrian Ministry of Interiors and US law enforcement agencies (DEA).