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New Project Launches in the Western Balkans: Enhancing Penitentiary Capacities in Addressing Radicalisation in Prisons

Implemented by the Council of Europe under the auspices of the Horizontal Facility (HF) Programme, funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe, a new 3-year regional project entitled “Enhancing penitentiary capacities in addressing radicalisation in prisons in Western Balkans” has been launched.

The project will provide for a forum of sharing experience, information and practices among the six HF Beneficiaries on the different approaches in the Western Balkan penitentiary and probation systems when it comes to addressing the issue of violent extremism and radicalisation in prisons. It continues to build upon the conclusions adopted at the Regional Conference “Sharing Experiences on Deradicalisation, Management and Rehabilitation of Prisoners in Western Balkans”, that took place in Skopje on 03-04 October 2018, calling for further strengthening of the collaboration among their respective prison services and exchange of good practices in the area of screening and assessment tools, intervention programmes and training of prison staff on addressing radicalisation in prisons.