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P-CVE Stakeholders’ Platform Meeting – Montenegro

On 9th October 2019, the IISG Support Group and the National P-CVE Coordinator of Montenegro hosted the National P-CVE Stakeholders’ Platform Meeting in Podgorica. It was organised as part of the series of IISG national-level P-CVE coordination events in respective IISG Beneficiaries, intended to complement the work of the Regional Network of National P-CVE Coordinators (RNNC).

The meeting was attended by almost fifty stakeholders involved in the P-CVE efforts in Montenegro and members of the Montenegrin RAN-like network.

The following topics were discussed: promotion, increased visibility and better understanding of the role of national P-CVE coordination bodies; understanding and awareness of the roles and responsibilities of all actors involved in P-CVE; understanding of P-CVE concepts supporting the whole-of-society approach and relevance of targeted reforms and donor efforts; needs and requirements in order to achieve more effective implementation of P-CVE-related projects and activities; follow-up steps at the national level; exchange of best practices.