Brdo Process Ministerial Framework to host the IISG Kick-Off Conference

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The Slovenian-led ministerial regional framework in the area of internal security called the Brdo Process will host the 1st meeting of the IISG Board, the highest-level decision-making body within the future IISG implementation process. The meeting will officially “kick off” the process of IISG implementation.

The ministers of the interior/security of IISG Beneficiaries represented in the IISG Board will appoint relevant actors with the leading roles in the IISG three-pillar structure, appoint the IISG Chair and endorse the IISG Terms of Reference. The European Commission and DCAF Ljubljana will present on the state-of-play in the implementation of the IISG 1st pillar (WBCTi) and on other current developments.

The event also convenes all IISG Partners – relevant international, regional actors as well as EU agencies, institutions and interested Member States (who are not member states of the Brdo Process).

Brdo Process Ministerial Meeting- supporting the WBCTi approach

Tamino Petelinšek/STA

The informal Brdo Process Ministerial Meeting took place between 18–19 April 2016 at Brdo at Kranj, Slovenia. At the conference the ministers discussed the progress in implementing the Western Balkan Counter-Terrorism Initiative (WBCTi), and expressed the need to gradually expand the approach to the fight against serious and organized crime and border management in the Western Balkan region. Another topic of discussion was the migratory crisis in the region, in particular the needs that have to be addressed in case of massive migrant pressure. In parallel to the Brdo Process meeting, the ministers gathered at the opening conference of the “First Line – practitioners dealing with radicalisation issues”, an EU-financed counter-radicalisation initiative modelled upon the EU RAN Centre of Excellence and aimed at establishing national RAN-like platforms in the Western Balkan countries.