Equality, Diversity and Media Literacy – Youth Dialogue

This project is part of the broader project funded by the British Embassy in Belgrade “Countering Violent Extremism and Radicalization Threats in Serbia through Community-Based Early Warning and Preventive Engagement”. The latter is aimed at establishing and consolidating a foundation for efforts to prevent and counter violent extremism and radicalization that can lead to terrorism (VERLT) in Serbia. Preventing and countering VERLT is recognized as a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach in the global fight against terrorism to which the Government of Serbia is committed. The project encompasses three themes of research, in specific: support to community policing/municipal safety councils (MSCs), intercultural education and civic participation and engagement (civic education).

This specific project, implemented by the selected implementation partner (Sandzak Committee for the Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms), will seek to improve media literacy and knowledge concerning discrimination and social inequality through the theoretical and practical training of 100 participants, with special attention paid to improving critical assessment of content and their own ability to generate effective and factual media messages. Media literacy will be framed to emphasize the important of information and critical thinking in active citizenship. Critical thinking and media literacy are widely viewed as essential in helping to give young people the tools needed to resist the alluring messages that come from extremist groups.

Promoting Coexistence and Diversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The project consisted in two phases, whereas the first phase was implemented between July 2014 to December 2016, and the second phase will be implemented between January 2018 to July 2019. The overall aim was/is to promote coexistence and diversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, by:

  • establishing space for dialogue for decision makers, CSOs, and citizens to promote coexistence, trust building, and diversity;
  • providing support to local civic initiatives promoting dialogue, coexistence, trust building, and diversity (through small grants);
  • utilising communications and outreach to enhance public perceptions of peace, reconciliation and respect for diversity; and
  • fostering increased interaction and dialogue between different groups at local and national level (second phase).

For more information please visit the UNDP BiH Website.

Support to Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts, Reconciliation, Respect for Diversity and Community Security

The objective was to support respect for diversity, community security in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to conduct and establish Citizens Community Security Forums in targeted municipalities.

Main activities:

  • established coordination among local stakeholders in creating and defining an operational security plan,
  • identified and defined risks and offered solutions for security concerns in local communities,
  • brought together local actors, such as the local administration, citizens, and nongovernmental organizations, and implemented joint actions in addressing the priorities as defined in the security plan, and
  • will establish 21 citizen security forums in selected local communities/ municipalities throughout the country in order to to prevent criminal activities that may significantly slow down and impede development prospects.

A Concept Note will be prepared for 2017-2020.

For more information please visit the UNDP BiH Website.