P-CVE Stakeholders Platform Meeting – Bosnia and Herzegovina

The P-CVE Stakeholders’ Platform Meeting – Bosnia and Herzegovina will be taking place on 27th August 2019 in Sarajevo, BiH. The event, organised in collaboration with the EU Regional CT and Security Advisor, Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina will initiate the national-level thematic (P-CVE) coordination in respective IISG Beneficiaries, supported by the IPAII2016 Multi-Country Action entitled “Support to P-CVE in the WB”.

The meeting will be held back-to-back with the P-CVE national donor coordination meeting on 28th August at the same location. The general purpose of both events is to establish efficient multi-agency and whole-of-society approach and institutional response to P-CVE, and to direct a targeted and in-depth coordination at the national level.

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Roundtable of the Slovenian National Platform for Preventing Violent Radicalisation and Terrorism

The 3rd roundtable of the national platform was organised by the Slovenian Criminal Police, assisted by a local NGO, the Institute for the Development of Inclusive Society (IRVD). Assistant Director of the Criminal Police Mr Boštjan Lindav pointed to a full understanding on part of the Slovenian security agencies for the implications that Radicalisation leading to Violent Extremism could have for the security of Slovenian citizens – despite an extremely low perception of any kind of threat among the population. The issue should not only be linked to the issue of migration and refugees or religion-based extremism in order not to neglect other kinds of extremism and their factors. The roundtable concluded that the awareness of other state sectors and the civil society should be further strengthened, as well as their active involvement in the RAN (Radicalisation Awareness Network) concept, the implementation of which is currently limited to the law enforcement/security area. It was also concluded the the external factors (incl. the vicinity of the Western Balkans) should also be considered in the formation of relevant national policies.

The national platforms are a crucial concept, enabling the development of RAN methodology. This instrument is currently being developed in the Western Balkan Beneficiaries through the Slovenian-led “First Line” project. National platforms will provide a multi-agency approach and the structures (scopes) will be mirrored at the local level. This endeavour is a crucial, core part of the IPA II 2016 action to be coordinated by DCAF Ljubljana.