Regional Workshop on Combating Illicit Cross-border Trafficking in Cultural Property in South East Europe

The Workshop aims to raise awareness regarding illicit trafficking in cultural property and its impact on security and stability in the South Eastern Europe region. The participants will discuss various methods and best practices from the OSCE perspective and explore best mechanisms and tools that will enable them to respond to this serious transnational threat in a sustainable manner in co-ordination with relevant national agencies, international organizations, private sector, and educational institutions.

For more information please visit the OSCE website here.

Challenges in the identification and protection of vulnerable individuals and victims of gender based violence and trafficking in human beings in the context of migration crisis

Funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) through Catholic Relief Services (CRS) as leader of consortium of partners, this research aimed at enhancing present legal framework and practices in line with UN and EU legislation in the area of THB and gender based violence (GBV).
For more information please see the full assessment report available here.