PCC SEE Operation Aquila

In early 2016, in cooperation with the Counter-Terrorism Initiative Network (CTI) at operational level, the Counter-Terrorism Network (CTN) under the framework of the Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe (PCC SEE) defined an opportunity to close the gap in regional criminal intelligence focused on the threat of terrorism and radicalization leading to violent extremism or terrorism. In March 2016 at their 2nd Meeting, the CTN members concluded to proceed, assisted by the PCC SEE Secretariat, with the preparation of a “PCC SEE regional intelligence project” that would eventually result in a “regional intelligence picture” offering useful data input for regional law enforcement cooperation and to intelligence-led police work. The PCC SEE Secretariat has assisted in the development of the project and consultations. This document sets out to provide a more detailed description of the operation Aquila.