Report inquiring into the causes and consequences of Kosovo citizens’ involvement as foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq

This report tends to answer the many questions that relate to the phenomenon of Kosovo citizens who are participating in the wars in Syria and Iraq, such as: Which are the groups that are influencing Kosovo citizens to participate in the wars in Syria and Iraq? What is the ideology and their purpose? How many citizens of the country have joined the wars in Syria and Iraq? What is the profile and what are the characteristics of the persons who are taking part in the wars as part of extremist groups in Syria and Iraq? What are the main factors that are affecting the citizens of Kosovo to be part of extreme currents in Kosovo? When and how the idea started spreading extremist violence in Kosovo, which is the process of extremism victims of such ideas? How much danger constitutes to the security of Kosovo return of them in our country?

This report also addressed the sources of extremism in Kosovo, as well as states and groups that have contributed to spread the extremism in Kosovo. The report also analyzed the inter-institutional cooperation in order to prevent the spread of extremism in Kosovo. It is also analyzed the institutional approach in Kosovo in terms of combating extremism in Kosovo and were offered specific recommendations in order to address the phenomenon of extremism / radicalism in Kosovo.

The report is based on dozens of interviews with all relevant stakeholders, state institutions, religious, including dozens of field visits to the persons directly involved in the conflict and their families, as well as various literature on the issue of extremism and other statistical information.

The report is available here.