Podgorica, Montenegro 18th of March 2021

Based on the conclusions from the 5th IISG Board meeting, and in reference to agreed calendar stemming from the meeting held on 18 of February 2021 in Belgrade, in the period 17-18 of March 2021, the IISG Secretariat organised the Regional Pillar Support group meeting on WBCSCi in Podgorica to discuss the needs mapping template

Meeting of the IISG Secretariat with Bosnian BS, Sarajevo 26th of May 2021

In line with the conclusions from the 5th Board meeting and in reference to the agreed calendar, the IISG Secretariat held a meeting at the Ministry of Security of Bosnia I Herzegovina with the high level of Directors of Border Security, to discuss the filling of needs mapping templates and other issues. IISG Secretariat discussed that

Pillar Consultations with MoI of Montenegro, Podgorica, 15th of June 2021

Based on the conclusions from the 5th IISG Board meeting and the call from the Commission to deploy all resources to deliver the first mapping products within six months from the Board meeting, the IISG Secretariat has started the negotiations online and in person with all three pillars in the region. On the 15th and 16th of

Regional Western Balkan Working Group Meeting on CTi, Budva, Montenegro

In the period of 21st and 22nd of September 2021 the IISG Secretariat conducted the Regional Pillar Support Group Meeting for Pillar 1 Western Balkan Counter – Terrorism initiative (WBCTi), in Budva, Montenegro. Following the development of the needs mapping analysis per each IISG Pillar, the IISG Secretariat is finalizing the drafting process of the