Regional Western Balkan Working Group Meeting on CTi, Budva, Montenegro

In the period of 21st and 22nd of September 2021 the IISG Secretariat conducted the Regional Pillar Support Group Meeting for Pillar 1 Western Balkan Counter – Terrorism initiative (WBCTi), in Budva, Montenegro. Following the development of the needs mapping analysis per each IISG Pillar, the IISG Secretariat is finalizing the drafting process of the

IISG Regional Pillar Support Group Meeting – WBBSi in Budva, Montenegro

Following the development of the needs mapping analysis per each IISG Pillars, the IISG Secretariat undertook the process of finalising the process of drafting the needs mapping reports. The needs mapping reports are to be proposed for adoption on the forthcoming 6th IISG Board meeting in December 2021. On the 23-24 September 2021, the IISG

Western Balkan Regional Pillar Support Group meeting in Budva, Montenegro

WBCSCi, discuss the draft methodology for development of IISG Annual Response Mapping Report, present the beta version of the Secure database, discuss on the potential elements part of the Methodology on the functioning of the database and discuss the process of reporting and analyzing, reflecting on gaps and overlaps among them.

Database training sessions in Tirana, Albania

In line with the Terms of Reference (ToR) of the Integrative Internal Security Governance (IISG), one of the core tasks of the IISG is to analyse whether the needs are adequately addressed, to prevent duplications and gaps in responses, and to suggest and facilitate potential synergies. For this purposes, the IISG Secretariat developed the IISG

Database training sessions in Belgrade, Serbia

Following the two day training in Tirana, Albania on the 19th and 20th of October 2021, the IISG Secretariat organized second training session with the other WB6 Partners such as: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and North Macedonia. This session of training workshop for the IISG Secure Database in Belgrade, Serbia took place on the

IISG Secretariat meeting with the Head of the PCC SEE Secretariat

On the occasion of the 22nd PCC SEE Committee of Ministers, which was held in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia, on 30 November 2021,the Head of the PCC SEE Secretariat Mr. Karl Lesjak met with the Head of the IISG Secretariat (HoS), Mr. Agron Sojati and senior expert/Deputy Head, Ms. Maja Pinjo Talevska. The aim

Upcoming IISG Regional Working Group Meetings, 8 – 10 June 2022, Podgorica

Podgorica Podgorica

The IISG Secretariat will hold Regional Pillar Support Working Group Meetings on 8-10 June 2022, for all three IISG Pillars in Podgorica, Montenegro . The aims of the meetings will be to: Agree on the final charts of the first biennial needs mapping reports; Conclude on the annual response mapping reports; Update ongoing projects in