IISG Members

European Commission

The European Commission is the executive of the European Union and promotes its general interest.

OSCE – Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

The OSCE – the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe – is the world’s largest regional security organization. The OSCE works for stability, peace and democracy through political dialogue about shared values and through practical work that aims to make a lasting difference.

PCC SEE Secretariat – Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe Secretariat

The PCC SEE Secretariat assists countries, signatories to the Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe (PCC SEE), in its implementation.

IOM – International Organization for Migration

Established in 1951, IOM is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners.

Regional Cooperation Council

The Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) is a regional mechanism, which aim is to encourage cooperation between RCC participants from the South East Europe (SEE), members of the international community and donors on subjects which are important and of interest to the SEE region. All in the intention of promoting and advancing the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of the region.

DCAF – Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance

The Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance (DCAF) is dedicated to making states and people safer. DCAF assists partner states in developing laws, institutions, policies and practices to improve the governance of their security sector through inclusive and participatory reforms based on international norms and good practices.

UNODC – United nations Office on Drugs and crime

UNODC is a global leader in the fight against illicit drugs and international crime.

Deutsche Gesellschaft fűr Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

GIZ supports people in acquiring specialist knowledge, skills and management expertise. GIZ helps organisations, public authorities and private businesses to optimise their organisational, managerial and production processes. GIZ also advises governments on how to achieve objectives and implement nationwide change processes by incorporating them into legislation and strategies.

EUROPOL – European Union’s Law Enforcement Agency

Europol is the European Union’s law enforcement agency. Our main goal is to achieve a safer Europe for the benefit of all the EU citizens.

CEPOL – European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training

CEPOL is an agency of the European Union dedicated to develop, implement and coordinate training for law enforcement officials.

INTERPOL –International Criminal Police Organization

INTERPOL is the world’s largest international police organization.

United Nations Development Programme

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the UN’s global development network, advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life.

Regional Anti Corruption Initiative

Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI) is an intergovernmental regional organization, which deals solely with anti-corruption issues in South East Europe. RAI’s mission is to lead regional cooperation to support anti-corruption efforts by providing a common platform for discussions through sharing knowledge and best practices.