Methodology for developing Biennial Needs Mapping Reports

The aim of this methodology is to provide guidance to the IISG members on how to develop the needs mapping reports.

Methodology for development of IISG Annual Response Mapping Report

The purpose of this process is to map the responses to the security needs in the areas of the
three IISG pillars. The term “response” refers to individual efforts that the partner undertakes
in the area of mapped need, with and without project support.

Methodology for mapping support to the IISG needs(IISG Database)

This database aims to map the information from IISG partners on their ongoing projects in the WB region, with the aim of creating a consolidated and up-to-date overview of ongoing actions per each of the IISG three pillars.

Methodology on becoming IISG memberThe IISG Board is composed of IISG Board Members.

The IISG aims to improve collective efficiency of security actions and actors in the WB and as such support the European perspective of the region.

Security Public Opinion Survey (#SecuriMeter) 2021“Attitudes towards security: Perceptions of security and threats in Western Balkans”

Whereas security ranks as the principal and foremost priority of each nation, the specific set of circumstances of the Western Balkans makes the security of this region a highly potent topic, for the regional economies as well as for its partners, particularly the European Union.