The Western Balkan Counter-Serious Crime initiative (WBCSCi) is the second pillar of the IISG (Integrative Internal Security Governance) in the Western Balkans; an effort to respond to the threats of Serous and Organized Crime in the Western Balkan Region by merging the efforts of all relevant security actors, EU and international donors of external assistance in thi area of policy – in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Action plan

WBCSCi IPA 2018-2020

The Western Balkan Counter-Serious Crime Initiative

Integrative Plan of Action for the Period 2018-2020

The EU Initiative on the Integrative and Complementary Approach to Counter-Terrorism and Violent Extremism in the Western Balkans (WBCTi) was endorsed in the form of Council Conclusions by the Council of the EU at the level of ministers in late 2015, accompanied by a first multi-annual WBCTi Integrative plan of Action (IPA) for the period of 2015-2017.