Agron Sojati, Head of IISG Secretariat

Mr. Sojati is an experienced security expert, with more than three decades of experience in leading different professional structures from military to law enforcement and with more than seven years at Southeast European Initiative for Combating Trans Border Crime in Bucharest, Romania, as Albania`s representative in SELEC Regional Center. His experience also includes 2 years of experience as member of European Atlantic Advisory Team for creating the Fusion Center for Law Enforcement Cooperation in GUAM (Moldova, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Georgia), chairing the Regional Working Group for SEE in adopting and approving the SEE Police Convention, under the Austrian EU Presidency, 2006. “hot pursuit”, “control delivery” and “common operations”, were among the articles in the Convention. Furthermore, Mr. Sojati was Vice Chair of Joint Cooperation Committee at SELEC Regional Center, 2005 – 2006, thus creating new units such as Counter Terrorism (CT) Unit and CVE Center.

His experience extends to providing contribution to the Regional Network of National Focal Points for P/CVE, contributing as member of the Prime Minister Cabinet on Security issues and leading the CT and P/CVE agendas, being member of National Committee on Anti-Corruption and representing Albania in various organizations such as: Commissions, Task Forces, Regional Organizations, meetings of the international organizations, etc.

Mr. Sojati graduated from The National FBI Academy and is a holder of Diploma on Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in International and European Security from the European Institute of the University of Geneva, Switzerland.