The ultimate goal is to form a whole-of-society approach, a comprehensive sustainable solution in the area of preventing and countering violent extremism, counter-terrorism, and radicalisation in the Western Balkans from the phase of primary prevention to rehabilitation and reintegration into society and local environment.

IISG P/CVE assistance initiative derives from the needs of Western Balkans societies to tackle complex challenges posed by P/CVE. Western Balkan governments have so far put an overwhelming focus on responding to mainly the religiously inspired extremism. While this type of extremism does present a risk, the external assistance efforts on P/CVE have to be placed in the context of the Western Balkans and its specificities; in this region, radicalisation that may lead to violent extremism or terrorism has intercepted with historically generated tensions based on ethnic, nationalist tendencies. Policy solutions should take into full consideration of other types of extremism and extremist beliefs in the region.

A comprehensive approach to P/CVE (i.e. one that builds on a comprehensive definition of the phenomena related to radicalisation that may lead/transform an individual to resorting to violence, either violent extremism or terrorism, and the challenges at hand) should reach all the way to the phase of primary prevention and then to rehabilitation and reintegration into society and local environment.

This policy solution should be a result of cooperation among partners, donors, and beneficiaries, in the Western Balkans, and should encompass an entire spectrum of P/CVE policy solutions.

IISG collaborates with a wide range of international, regional and local partners in providing a comprehensive policy solution which responds to the needs of the beneficiaries.

For more information about this concept, in its initial phase of development, please see the P-R-A Infographic here.