Consultations with the MoI of Montenegro on needs mapping for Organised Crime and Border Security

Based on the conclusions from the 5th IISG Board meeting and the call from the Commission to deploy all resources to deliver the first mapping products within six months from the Board meeting, the IISG Secretariat has started the negotiations online and in person with all three pillars in the region.

On the 15th and 16th of June 2021, the IISG Secretariat organized consultations with the pillar representatives of the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro.

The discussions were based on the key findings of a expert assessments on different topics, presented by IISG team through the desk review process. The consultations seek to guide and clarify the issues regarding the filling in the needs mapping templates as well as to decide upon the detailed steps for finalizing the products Biennial Needs mapping report on Western Balkan Countering Serious Crime initiative and Western Balkan Border Security initiative.

This event served to meet with new members of the national teams assigned on each pillar, having in mind the latest changes occurred in Montenegro after the new government in place.