National Operational Delegation of Montenegro for Combating Violent Extremism and Terrorism meeting with IISG Secretariat

IISG Secretariat hosted a National Operational delegation of Montenegro for Combating Violent Extremism and Terrorism and State Secretary at the Ministry of Interior, Mr. Rade Milošević.

The key points at this meeting were discussions on how to strengthen Regional cooperation in the fight against violent extremism and radicalization as well as the Montenegrian contribution to the IISG ACTION.

The Head of the IISG Secretariat, provided detailed information on the state of play of the IISG process following the 5th IISG Board Meeting and informed the delegation on the preparation phase of the needs mapping and explained how all resources are deployed in order to deliver the first mapping products on Western Balkan Countering Terrorism and preventing and countering extremism initiative.

The State Secretary of MoI of Montenegro confirmed the full support towards the IISG process and expressed the gratitude towards the work of IISG Secretariat.