Podgorica, Montenegro 18th of March 2021

Based on the conclusions from the 5th IISG Board meeting, and in reference to agreed calendar stemming from the meeting held on 18 of February 2021 in Belgrade, in the period 17-18 of March 2021, the IISG Secretariat organised the Regional Pillar Support group meeting on WBCSCi in Podgorica to discuss the needs mapping template on Pillar 2 with the participation of Support Group members of this pillar, such as: Western Balkan Six, Slovenia, Italy, UK, GIZ, OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Hercegovina, the PCC SEE Secretariat, CEPOL, SEESAC, UNODC.

The conclusions from this meeting were: adopted the template for the needs mapping report for Western Balkan Six, agreeing on the draft Methodology for Support Group working mode within this Pillar. The coming meeting for Pillar 2 was agreed to be held on the 19th of May 2021 2021 in a place to be proposed to the IISG Secretariat. The aim of the meeting in May is to elaborate and decide on the first draft on mapping needs report of Pillar 2 (WBCSCi).

The IISG Secretariat will collect, analyse and draft the first draft on needs mapping.